Square Dance Classes within Rainier Council Area*

*(Tacoma and all of Pierce County, plus parts of South King County, WA)

"Beginning Square Dance" Lessons!!

  • You do NOT have to join a square dance club to take lessons.
  • Lesson are inexpensive (in fact, the first lesson is always FREE)
  • Several convenient locations and different days of the week to choose from whenever lessons start up.
  • There are typically TWO times during the year when lessons start up. (in Sept./Oct. and again in Jan./Feb.)


Check below the TV commercial thumbnail for information about clubs offering lessons.

Click HERE to view our very own 30-second TV commercial promoting square dancing.


Swingnuts (mostly adult couples, singles, but teens and families are welcome)
Location: 1705 Willow St., Sumner, WA (Sumner VFW Hall)
Caller/Instructor: Don Wood
Square Dance Classes are typically offered in the Fall each year.
Phone Contact: "Lane" at (253) 200-4566

Spinners (mostly adult couples and singles, but teens families are welcome)
Location: Buckley, WA at Buckley Community Hall or, alternatively, Marion Grange Hall
Caller/Instructor: Greg Weber
Tuesdays, 7-9pm(classes typically starts in September and February )
Phone Contact: (360) 802-8994 or (253) 862-8314
Next class start---TBA

The Young Bunch (A youth-focused club, but open to all ages)
The club is not offering classes at this time.

Bonney Lads 'n' Lassies (adults, their children/teens are welcome)
Location: East Tacoma, WA (Collins Grange)
Caller/Instructor: Greg Weber
Sundays, 4:30-7:00 pm(normally has a class each year starting in January)

and for "Graduates" (those who have completed a Beginners Class
and have mastered Mainstream with additional "floor time" experience)
there are additional "learning opportunities":
Roamin' Tacomans (For "PLUS" lessons)
Location: Sans Souci Mobile Home Estates clubhouse
(11209 127th St E, Puyallup, WA 98374)
Caller/Instructor: Tom Tomlinson
SUNDAYS, 5:30-7:30pm (starting in October)
Next class start---TBA

OTHER (YouTube) posts promoting square dancing.
Click HERE for a 45 second "Promo" video we like.

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