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Big Dances

In 2017, Carolyn and Everett Colglazier suggested that the Rainier Council clubs try a cooperative plan that they had observed when visiting and dancing in another region. Once a month, all of the dancers in the area come together at one of the club's regular monthly dances, making it a "big dance" because instead of perhaps two squares they fill the hall!  The "big dance" host is a different club each month.  If a club's regular dance night conflicts with that of the month's designated "big dance" host club, then the non-host club cancels its dance and caravans to the "big dance."

The Rainier Council clubs implemented the "big dance" plan in the 2017-18 dance year, and it was very well received. So it has been implemented in 2018-19. The schedule hosts for "big dances" now are:

The Roamin Tacomans will hold the Big Dance on Saturday, October 13th at the Sumner Hall. Plus will be from 7-8pm and Mainstream from 8-10pm.  The Theme is Hob Goblin Boogie Bones Bash, so wear costumes if you like.

There is no Big Dance in November

The Swingnuts will hold the Big Dance on Saturday, December 15th at the Sumner Hall.  White Christmas is the theme.  Plus is from 7-7:30pm and Mainstream from 7:30-9:30pm

January 26, Saturday: Bonney Lads and Lassies- Collins Grange

February 2, Saturday: South Sound Squares- Collins Grange

March 8, Friday:  Young Bunch- Collins Grange

April 5, Friday:  Spinners- Buckley Hall

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