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Big Dances

In 2017, Carolyn and Everett Colglazier suggested that the Rainier Council clubs try a cooperative plan that they had observed when visiting and dancing in another region. Once a month, all of the dancers in the area come together at one of the club's regular monthly dances, making it a "big dance" because instead of perhaps two squares they fill the hall!  The "big dance" host is a different club each month.  If a club's regular dance night conflicts with that of the month's designated "big dance" host club, then the non-host club cancels its dance and caravans to the "big dance."

The 2019-20 schedule hosts for "big dances" now are:

October 12, 2019, Saturday: Roamin Tacomans- Sumner Hall. Plus will be from 7-8pm and Mainstream from 8-10pm.  The Theme is Hob Goblin Boogie Bones Bash, so wear costumes if you like.

November 15, 2019, Friday: Boots 'n' Laces, Meridian Grange

December 14, 2019, Saturday: Bonney Lads and Lassies- Collins Grange

January 18, 2020, Saturday: South Sound Squares- Collins Grange

February 7, 2020, Friday:  Spinners- Buckley Hall

March 13, 2020, Friday:  Young Bunch- Collins Grange

April 2020 (no Big Dance)

May 30, 2020, Saturday: Lollapalooza (4-council spring festival), Lac-A-Do Hall in Olympia

June 6, 2020, Saturday: Swingnuts- Sumner Hall

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