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Council-Sponsored Dances

'Twas the Night Before New Years Eve Dance

171230 pre NYE 345pxOn Saturday, December 30, 2017, Rainier Council's 'Twas the Night Before New Years Eve dance fills the void of an otherwise dark Saturday night with what will be a very fun square dance at Collins Grange, 3404 120th St. E., Tacoma 98446.

We'll have a great time dancing to the Hatch Brothers calling and Sue Weber cueing.  It will be at regular dance times of 7:30 pm pre-rounds, and 8:00 to 10:00 pm mainstream dancing.

Tickets are $8 pre-sale, $10 at the door; youth $4/$8. We'll have a raffle and a special drawing for one free pre-registration for the 2019 state festival.

Click on the flyer to download a PDF of it.








Council-Sponsored Dances Format

Following the 2016 Spring Festival dance, a committee met to consider how best to host a Council-sponsored dance to maximize dancing by attendees, rather than sitting through announcements, etc.  After committee meetings and discussions by the board of Rainier Council, the following format was adopted, to begin in 2017:
1. Continuous dancing, no breaks by the Caller, would need both Caller and Cuer to give each other breaks.
2. Council to pay for one Caller and one Cuer. If a club wanted more would need to be approved by the Council or paid for by the hosting club.
3. Ask Caller to keep the tip to 10 minutes.
4. Pre‐sale tickets have a master list to check off names, so if a ticket is forgotten, we'd and not ask them to pay again.
5. Have pre‐rounds a half hour before the dance starts, then have mainstream tips with one round in between. Plus tip at the very end of the dance after the big "thank-you" circle.
6. Keep introduction of VIPs and awards short.
7. Door prizes: draw all tickets, ask winners to raise their hands, direct them to an area for picking up their prizes.
8. Have food available all during the dance, and configure serving surfaces for continuous flow.
9. Have a table for advertisements/dance club schedules and have no announcements.

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