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Council-Sponsored Dances

9-29-2019 Trimble Youth Fund Dance

All dancers are invited to the annual Kenn Trimble Youth Fund Dance on Sunday afternoon, September 29, 2019, at Collins Grange. Enjoy a hot dog lunch at 2:30 pm and Mainstream Squares from 3:00 to 5:30 pm. Caller is Andy Garboden; cuer is Stephanie Speelman.

Rainier Council annually sponsors this dance, hosted this year by the Young Bunch club, to raise funds to assist the kids in that club to participate and compete in the annual Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival. That early-May festival includes scores young square and round dancers from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

This fundraiser dance will include raffles and split-the-pot. Admission is my donation--donate what you can.

20190929 TrimbleFundDance


'Twas the Night Before New Years Eve Dance (12-30-17)

171230 All Dancers

(Many more photos are at https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-fpf32p/)

Rainier Council sponsored a pre-New Year’s Eve Dance, on Saturday, December 30, 2017, at Collins Grange.  We had 202 dancers come through the door or 25.25 squares with 20 pre-sold ticket holders not showing. Peninsula Council bringing seven of those squares. Even with this crowd we didn’t exceed the building capacity code limit, although it may have seemed so.  We had dancers from all over the state and several VIPs which included the State Federation’s past president and his wife, Gene and Tanya Currier. Ways and Means 2018 State Festival chair, Kay and Roger Mahan from Yakima, who set up a merchandise and registration table. Numerous award winning Callers, Cuers and dancers, the president of Rainier Council, Lane Johnston and president of Peninsula Council, Sheila Blackburn.

Our Callers, The Hatch Brothers, Caleb, Christian and Joshua, are so talented, a delight to dance and work with. I consider myself a fan. Hard to believe five years ago I took Mainstream lessons with them. McNutt Award winning Cuer, Sue Weber was our Cuer.  Dancers were very pleased with the level she chose, and she received many favorable comments afterwards. There were so many round dancers on the floor that at one time they had to form three rings.

The newly adopted Rainier Council’s guidelines for council dances was used, continuous dancing, no breaks, grazing during the night on finger food and reduced announcements from the stage.

Our Country Raffle Store had a variety of items to win, which included $300 worth of gift cards to several  restaurants and coffee stands, a basket from our local author, Debbie Macomber, with two signed hard back editions of her new books. We had some beautiful baskets donated, square dance jewelry, along with other miscellaneous items, something for everyone. Our 50/50 winner, Jackie Myers was thrilled with the $100 pot. Dan Paulson won the 2019, State Dance Festival Certificate and was thankful that we pried the single dollar out of his wallet for one ticket.

Our frazzled parking attendants, Steve MacKay and Doug Schafer took a small area and crammed in 97 cars without getting a single scratch. Greg Weber made all the signs we needed to highlight the different dance station areas, our dance committee, Lu Simmons, Chryll Coscorosa, Gail Johnston, Heidi Lusk and Sandy Anderson put in a lot of time and outstanding effort to put this dance together. They did an amazing job. It truly was an effort of many people to make this dance so successful.

How successful is in the happy faces of our dancers, the ones who lingered after the dance finished, the favorable comments later from many sources and our profit after all the bills were paid. We put $1403, into our dwindling RC bank account.

Laura Seger

Rainier Council Dance Committee Chair   (below are the dance committee members, Lu, Laura, Chryll, Gail, and Sandy)

Lu Laura ChyrllHeidi Gail4Sandy


Council-Sponsored Dances Format

Following the 2016 Spring Festival dance, a committee met to consider how best to host a Council-sponsored dance to maximize dancing by attendees, rather than sitting through announcements, etc.  After committee meetings and discussions by the board of Rainier Council, the following format was adopted, to begin in 2017:
1. Continuous dancing, no breaks by the Caller, would need both Caller and Cuer to give each other breaks.
2. Council to pay for one Caller and one Cuer. If a club wanted more would need to be approved by the Council or paid for by the hosting club.
3. Ask Caller to keep the tip to 10 minutes.
4. Pre‐sale tickets have a master list to check off names, so if a ticket is forgotten, we'd and not ask them to pay again.
5. Have pre‐rounds a half hour before the dance starts, then have mainstream tips with one round in between. Plus tip at the very end of the dance after the big "thank-you" circle.
6. Keep introduction of VIPs and awards short.
7. Door prizes: draw all tickets, ask winners to raise their hands, direct them to an area for picking up their prizes.
8. Have food available all during the dance, and configure serving surfaces for continuous flow.
9. Have a table for advertisements/dance club schedules and have no announcements.

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