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The Swingnuts Square Dance Club is a growing "Mainstream" club of approximately 40 members. It was founded in 2010, and serves the southern Puget Sound and greater Tacoma/Pierce County area of Washington State. 

The club maintains an active dance schedule (click calendar link below for schedule):

  • Thursday evenings (year-round).
  • And on the 1st Saturday each month (Ocotber thru June).
  • Plus we "caravan" approximately once per month to dance with other clubs. 

The club dances at the VFW Hall, 1705 Willow St., Sumner WA 98390 (click here for a map).


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SWINGNUTS ON TV (July 8, 2019):

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Click the above image or this link to view the video. 


We are planning a special Tenth "Birthday" dance for the coming dance season (scheduled for June 6, 2020). Our club caller (Don Wood) will be joined by long-time national caller Mike DeSisto to call the squared. Marie Wood will cue the rounds. Honored guests Leo and Rochelle Catt (the orginal founders of the club) are planning to attend as well. It should be a great evening!


LOOKING AHEAD Our "official" DETAILED Dance Calendar is posted on WheresTheDance.com (but dances are also posted on our Facebook page): 

Calendar-jpgSwingnuts'  Dance Calendar on WheresTheDance website <click link

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Thursdays (September through May)

  • We run beginning square dance lessons and workshops during this period.
  • We hold a FREE "No Experience Necessary" dance on the last Thursday in September.
  • Beginners Classes officially start on the 1st Thursday in October and meet each week thereafter. [New enrollments are allowed during the 1st class only].
  • New dancers will learn how to perform a standard list of "calls" (manouevers) that will enable them to dance just about anywhere in the country. 
  • Classes are typically about 90 minutes in length. 

Thursdays (June through August)

2020 TNL Season 7 Flyer 600x380pixels

  • "Thursday-Nite Lites" summer DANCE series. 2020 will be our 7th season!
  • Mid-week dance opportunity all summer long.
  • A different guest caller each week (mostly "local/regional", but some "national").
  • Squares Only (no Rounds)
  • Casual attire.
  • These are not workshops. They are dances!
  • Great opportunity for newer dancers to get floor-time over the summer months.

Check the Swingnuts' calendar, or go to the Rainier Council's  Classes Page  for additional details, including information about lessons with other clubs in our council.



They are held on the 1st Saturday of the month (October thru June)

  • DANCE night.
  • These dances frequently involve an appropriate "theme".
  • Occasionally we may have a Guest Caller and/or Cuer, but our Club Caller and Cuer normally perform at these dances.
  • Typically, there's an hour of "Plus" (with single rounds) before the official start of the dance.
  • The DANCE is 2 hours of Mainstream w/Rounds ("single" or "double" depending on the attendance), and usually with a Plus tip at the end of the evening.



Elections are held in April each year. Our current officers are:

  • PRESIDENT - Lane (& Gail) Johnston - 4 terms; email
  • VICE PRESIDENT - Kathleen Rogacki;
  • SECRETARY - Gail (& Lane) Johnston;  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • TREASURER - Sylvia Betts;  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT - John (& Angelique) Gillespie - 2 terms; email


  • Cliff (& Virginia) Craig - 2 terms (2012-2014)
  • Leo (& Rochelle) Catt - 2010-2012 - Club Founder and a "Caller-Run" Club during that period)

 For information, call (253) 200-4566.


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