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In addition to the Roamin' Tacomans plus club, the first hour (7 - 8 pm) of the Swingnuts club dances is at the plus level followed by mainstream level dancing (8 - 10 pm). And Bonney Lads 'n' Lassies generally has a plus tip at the end of its dances.

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    Tom TomlinsonWe dance Plus level (usually) at the VFW Hall at 1705 Willow St., Sumner, WA (click here for a map). For the 2019-2020 season our agreement with the VFW means that due to VFW events we will be dancing on the fourth Saturdays except for October, February & May which will be the second Saturday.  Our caller is Tom Tomlinson, who also cues the rounds. Fourth Saturday dances have pre-rounds beginning at 7:30 pm; plus squares at 8:00 pm. Second Saturday dances will have plus squares from 7-8 pm & mainstream squares from 8-10 pm with rounds between tips.

    For photos from some of our dances, click here.




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